; because It’s who I am.

If you know me then this is not an unusual thing for you to see out of me cause it is what I do.. I like to explore and go full force into it.  I’ve let myself get too caught up in life like we all do.  Every so often I realize this and get to give it a change up and it’s always for the better. I learned in the last years that I am struggling.  Don’t we all? Yes.. But I’m learning a lot! . ( My zen moment: Notice I will talk to myself .)

Maybe you’ll see a post that speaks to you.. that’s great! Maybe you don’t identify that’s okay also.  Maybe one of my other crazy schemes through my days will interest you.  I’m sort of this mess that pretends to be together all the time. DO NOT let me fool you! NO way in hell.

First off..

I am a girl! (yay!) perks and pits, a mess within itself. a beautiful mess!

I am a feminist but in my own way and that is okay. I don’t hate all men.

I am a sensitive person I give and feel sometimes too much and that’s okay.

I have been damaged. I know I will be again and again That is Okay.

I am creative as hell that’s why we’re here. Maybe not in your way but my own.

I am a Mama! biggest trials of my life and what is of importance to me right now. has been and will always be. I made them I sorta need to make sure they become good humans.

I am a wife. That’s one of those work in progress areas. not as easy as one would think especially a few more years into it.That’s Okay.

I am learning to blog and that is scary

I am going to push towards goals even if it makes me uncomfortable because I know I have something to share.

I am Danae, perfectly imperfect

That is Okay!

I am full of questions like a two year old who’s favorite new phrase is ” But why?”.  I’ve always had trouble with this. It’s the reason I argue for the last word. It’s the reason I cant stand math, its my constant torment because I want to know everything.  I am absolutely nosy. That’s my strength actually. All this time I thought I needed to keep my mouth shut. Well yes & no.  I do but I am learning to ask the right questions.  My biggest goal for my page is to start my own podcast (talking on a microphone is a top stresser for me.)  I will be able to start researching and interviewing people whom I am curious about or inspired by with endless questions and topics to explore. Yes with my Fem. Flare most likely one of you ladies reading at some point and until then some other people that I hope you’ll find inspiring also. Maybe she did something small maybe she just has something to say that we want to share.maybe it’s just a simple conversation one day.

I hope to reach the guys also cause well I have 3 special dudes in my life. I need to keep up somehow  with a world I don’t understand. Gaming, boy humor, rough & sensitive then just in general how strange they are.  I have many comical moments in this tiny house of mine. I’ll let you in on my new world of Playing Dungeons and Dragons. starting my character and how my life has started to actually feel like a video game these days.

I am also going to let my kids have a world of their own here also. Were gonna work on some family projects and individual stuff I am sure we’ll narrow it down for ya soon.

I am irreverent and sometimes vulgar. that is me so prepare for the ride or take the next train. Speakin g of

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