just the beginning.

Focus is something I hardly grasp onto as my brain shoots from one impulse to the next because one idea can ….. as you can see; lead off onto another tangent.

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing while I look at my screen with all these options in front of me. It is clear that I need  more help.

Which means I need to start with asking the hubby.. Cringe. I hate asking him for help with this stuff cause he just knows it so well it really makes me feel dumb. It also does not help that were both super impatient people and we get frustrated easily.

It’s that or pay someone… maybe he’ll just pay for someone to help me? lol.”

I don’t want that either I actually want to learn what I am seeing in front of me.

Here I go teaching myself new things!

So I peeked around the general page and clicked buttons and got lost a couple times but wound up getting to know some new spots for the day! I would say it was easier than I was giving credit for actually. I’m gonna need more information and direction. Each button has a drop down box that I could easily hide again and I found out how to add some buttons (like, share, Facebook, Instagram etc.) That’s cool cause as far as I have been reading I want to make sure I have a “share-able” button available if I want others to get my blog! which I do! If only you all understood the lack of technology knowledge I posses. I pretty much know FB and Instagram so there’s gonna be a learning curve. That’s Okay!

Remember: One main goal is to start reaching other gals.

Have you blogged? Did it last long? Were you using it like a journal or diary? let me know in the comments what were some of your first thoughts when starting? Like where I’m going with this? Have ideas for me? 

Side note: I have 3 other younger sisters a daughter and lots of nieces. This could be a reason I feel so strongly about empowering us girls more.  You would think in a house full of girls we would have dominated. The reality was that dad dominated. Our world growing up; revolved around him his schedule and whether he was happy.  Not always a bad thing it’s just the way our house ran.  I’ve let that “idea” float into my marriage a small bit by not (Surprisingly..) voicing myself or voicing myself in the wrong way. I’m learning. I’m only in my 30’s.

It’s something I want to correct.  So yes!  I am going to bite the bullet when the Hubby gets home & ask him for help to see what I am missing. By no means do I live in any  abusive relationship I get my way all the time. I am talking about the part in me that is quiet. The little voice that wants to be heard more often & to let me try something else and new. like a little mouse in the back of a crowded room who just wants to squeak loud enough so others know it’s there.  The “Me” voice with what I want that has gotten small because I have so many others to think about as a mom, wife, daughter, in-law, friend and so on. One of my steps to getting that I think is to work on my cooperation and whom better to test it on is my one and only.)

Today’s Lesson: Cooperation!

Let’s Crush that stereo type here at the home front.

“Just because he’s a dude doesn’t mean he doesn’t have valuable information.”

Gals, He spends hours on end sitting at the computer and on the cellphone staring at screens so intently that he cant even hear us. I think he knows more than he lets on when claiming he cant fix the tv remote from a siding.    “Some knight in shining armor. lol. he knows more than he lets on”  in my creepy old hag witch voice!

Siding= RR lingo=Railroad vocab= I don’t really know;  I do but that’s for another time!

I am asking him because he has already started his podcast and site and it seems to have come together really well. I cant help but think to myself… I can do that and so much better! Not better by no means but my way.  I think there is something kinda cool to my way sometimes. (Sometimes I’m just off my damn rocker… it happens.)  You would think after being married now 12 years I might have that communication and cooperation thing down.  I don’t! He doesn’t! You don’t.  I still get nervous thinking anyone could shoot my idea down it’s frightening to think others don’t think the way you do. Point is we all have to be reminded every now and then to not be stubborn and just listen.

Results will have to wait for the follow up post on this subject due to husbands work schedule. #havasurailwifelife

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I hope to start my first podcast in the next week. We have a Brats birthday this weekend! We’ll be getting ready for our  family trip to Washington D.C. and Williamsburg, Virginia.  I will keep you updated more through social media so be sure to also follow me on Facebook/imperfectionst.blog on Instagram @imperfectionist.iam or Twitter (new for me!) @imperfuckit3917

Sometimes watching a flower bloom is slow but it’s still a beautiful experience. -Me


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