Menu Planning & Herding Kittens

Oh the woes.. of menu planning. I know I should do it. Sometimes I do it. Sometimes I just like to be a damn rebel and do what I want dammit.  Oh but I can’t ( Picture me whining like a tot and falling all over the couch)  I have kids and they require more effort than I would like to give sometimes.  Each time I have given up on menu planning and let things go, just to be lazy.  I have ultimately made more work for myself.

Just stick to the menu planning Danae.. you know it works.

oh here lets make it fun Danae!..

Why not think of it like your own restaurant?

With your very own V.I.P guests.. (Family & friends from out of town) The usual suspects.. (The local gang of friends) & of course your regular daily patrons (The 5 of us)

This calls for Pinterest!

Having Pinterest for the last maybe 5 years has made menu planning a ton more fun.  Before that, I was all about Stumble upon! oh I loved it, but I couldn’t really save things like I could with pinterest thus the upgrade.

When I was young I loved to watch cooking shows & specials on Oprah.  I would even sit with my Mom’s cookbooks and read through them to pass time. That turned into a hefty collection after getting married & before we moved to Havasu.  It was bitter sweet to make the final selection on what made its it’s way with me to my next kitchen. Mostly the ones to do with baking or had sentimental value.

My love for  my lil’ collection of cookbooks rarely get’s put to use anymore. It makes my heart sad; so I am pledging to do at least 1 new cookbook recipe a week! (GOAL TIME)  What a perfect way to bring back some “Me time” also. Time to get lost again in my little precious collection of cookbooks.

As usual it was again through Pinterest & my last attempt to organize/ feed the family better. I ran across another mom blogger who seemed to hit the nail on the head with what I was looking to solve.  All her ideas & ways of putting a realistic food budget/menu plan together just seemed to click well with me. I was super excited and begged R.O.G. to purchase this mom bloggers ideas. For me because I was so ready to get with it finally! & what an awesome way to support another mom out there for her creative mom inspiring ideas!   Forward 5-6 months later… I still haven’t attempted this.  (Damn Focus)

The kids love themed dinners & so we made up names for each day cause it just helps us to narrow our choices. Were a bunch space cadets sometimes around here with meal planning. Nobody knows???? No one seems to know what they want to eat. They just know they’re hungry and want their wishes granted.   Nope, Nope, Nope! Mama don’t play that anymore. For those of you who feel you have the time to make a different meal for each kid you go for it!! That’s awesome.  I cant do it. I go bonkers.

So here is our messy start to a weekly meal menu yet again

  • Meatless Monday! (Cause Mom demands it!)
  • Taco Tuesday! ( It just isn’t Tues. unless there are some tacos & Thing #2 loves them also.)
  • Wasabi Wednesday! (We like Asian types of food but don’t know how to cook it so might as well try!)
  • Night of Geekery with the Gericke’s ( Junk food & easy its time to play Dungeons & Gragons!)
  • Fishy Friday! ( I like seafood  and Friday seems to work for the theme.)
  • Rubber Pockets Saturday! (My husband can explain the name but we’ll be eating soups sandwiches and salads of all sorts.)
  • Smoothie Movie Sunday! (Leftovers and smoothies to finish our day of chores and start our next week!)

In the past; when I have stuck to my meal planning, I have had great results with keeping on budget & having some variety.  Keeping everyone fed and not feeling like we are gonna go hungry with 10 more days till pay day… is pretty nice also. ( #railwifelife).

When my meal planning goes to junk; is when I get a picky eater/guest or I am being pulled too many directions to make time for it.  Those are gonna be challenges I have to keep an eye on now. Along with utilizing my cook books.

My game plan is to keep up on a daily planner kept in my purse and a home monthly calendar on the fridge.  Then to eventually keep a log here with the blog. I figure the more accountable I make myself the more I’ll stick to a plan. Worth a shot.


  • Plan dinner meals each Sunday for the week with the kids.
  • Pick one meal from a cook book each week.
  • Keep daily-weekly-monthly schedule
  • Thursday & Sunday are official set days/nights.

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