This seems so crazy

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Here I go again trying to make the world mine!

Building my empire day by day and pulling everyone in with me.

So.. I finally decided to take the start of this blog & turn it into something more my own & could start to navigate better. I have been working with @KaelaMitchell when we each have a bit of time to pull this blog together little by little. She takes all my crazy idea’s and is streamlining them with what she knows of the tech/design industry. When I started I wanted to share the mom chaos but I am lot’s more than that. I don’t really want to sit and tell you boring stories of my day ( well maybe sometimes I do!) I want you to get something out my days also.

The last months I have been doing a lot of  sitting & thinking some more thinking and researching, on how I can keep this blogging fresh in my mind.  My readers have to be important to me. You can’t be important to me if I can’t interact with you. My solution is to involve everyone & give it that imperfectionist twist. If you know me personally you know I cant help myself; I have a million ideas thus here; is the place to channel them.

 I am going to show you my personal projects, others projects & try to sell you things at times. I am a super creative Entrepreneur & a mother trying to earn her way in the world also. Wouldn’t you rather buy from someone you know and trust? I want to give you authentic people and choices. More simplicity. I am gonna show you easy & lazy ways to get by. It’s okay to not be at 100% , I can show you ways that I creatively make up for it.

No girl or person (for that matter) can sit home and expect her mate to bring home the cash.  (I mean that is nice when you can have that but, let’s be realistic its 2017!)  She/ I needs to keep herself busy, entertained, and able to take care of herself all while taking care of her tribe. I AM SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED! My mother in-law is the original but I have earned my letters and need to live up to it!  ( S.W.M.B.O ) & any good leader will tell you that they never got to the top without imperfections along the way.

So yes; yet another blog post about: What I’ll be bringing before you lol..  expect that to be a normal thing! Sorta like your new online magazine you can interact with.  Those who start to follow along are going to see the beginning of something & see just how far I can take it.  I always said I wanted to be Oprah..LOL..  I’m just gonna do it on a much smaller scale LMAO.

I am gonna share my kitchen & cake decorating through my Sweet Sirens project & teach you how along the way. You can watch tutorials and watch as I decorate live for you.

I’ll be reviving my Tricky Dickies Tonics project. Giving you and your mate sensible natural and hand made products.

I am gonna show off my spunky tribe & show how I have oiled the gears of this family. Maybe you’ll just want to follow along with our bi-weekely DND games! You’re gonna see & learn how I adapt to our changing culture & environment & I’m hoping I can get you to join me in imperfecting our days & ways.

I Hope you follow along and invite others who might be interested in some of the stuff I talk about & or do with my little tribe & surroundings. I’m hoping I can even give you a spotlight on something you’re passionate about or imperfecting also.  (Maybe you’re guy I invited to visit the page?.. it’s because I think you’re mature enough to handle the big girl talk!)  Be part of my imperfect family and subscribe for e-mail updates, link up on social media  comment away & be part; so you wont miss upcoming shenanigans.


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