Morning peeks & thoughts

I’m learning to wake up early.

That’s nothing to mess with for someone who loves sleep.

It’s a work in progress and right now I’m digging it. I feel like it’s getting me ready for the school year like a good mother should…. blah.

The quiet mornings to myself are my favorite part. Now I understand all you early rising moms😉 Good job for figuring that one out earlier than I did lol.

Anyways I always have loved when I’m up before others cause I get to peek in on everything and give it an assessment and prep my head for what’s about to come. 😒

Most days I would just wander back into bed and keep sleeping to get away from it all for a bit longer but, I’m feeling perky lately & I’m trying to push myself.

This morning as I walked around and peeked in on my little critters sleeping and gave a morning snack to the real little critters of the house. I thought to myself some one else has got to see my thoughts as I  walk into a room… I’m thinking most other moms will have experienced my thoughts at some point or another also.  Plus it might be a good way to track my moods and the flow of the house.

So basically as I walk into a room each morning & give it my professional mom-ing peek & evaluation; I’m gonna post it. Maybe everyday? Maybe just certain days we’ll see but, some sort of tracking will be good for me to reference. To make sure I’m not running in circles with this head of mine. 😜🙌🏻

To alert you.. I have turned into a little old lady 👵🏼 at the ripe age of 33.  I HAVE to be on the same schedule as the kids no matter how many years we’ve been doing this #raillife.  It makes things rough but we’ve battled the schedules & I have to give into the kids this round.  My body likes it also.  Critters go down by 9 and mom is shortly after but, when papa Bear gets home… Mom goes out(to bed)  even earlier. 🙌🏻 That’s also when I usually wake up to the chaos I somehow slept through the night before.

We have a very small & basic house with a split floor plan, with our tiny galley kitchen, dining, living, etc. all in the center.  We basically walk all over each other in this house.  I love it but constantly work against it. The house is made for a tiny person like me and I’m trying to fit my tall hubby and children into.  I create my own chaos sometimes.

Every morning I walk out of our love cave lol 😂 and walk right into the living room/ office/music/#gerickegeekery stuff.

• “lights are always left on & why didn’t they close the curtains it’s so bright already.”

• Found that someone added to my decor.. “I approve!”

Then to the back door to let 4 legged critters out & hand out morning snacks in the kitchen.

•”ugh the dishes as usual.”

• “Good girl Penny let’s get a treat!”

• “Good Morning guineas!”

I am now one of those geeky pet parents. ✌🏻😬🤓

• “Yikes! You guys stink. Time to clean your cage. Damnit; always time to clean this thing, Ethan’s helping this time.” 😒

a quick glance at the dining/ living room.

• “Ya know?… I don’t think any of that is mine.”

• “Why… Why is it so hard to put something back?”

Now to peek at the 2 legged Critters.

First into Thing 3’s room….

• “Oh yeah I’m not cleaning that she’s got that..”

•”I can’t stand when the lights get left on how do they sleep like that?”

passing the shared bathroom

• “Really guys?.. soda bottle?.. drawer left open?”

Yeah I know some of these thoughts are really nothing to some but for my brain; it scrambles quickly. I just don’t see why you can’t complete the task? I have to take up so many tiny moments to catch things up as I walk around to make things correct for my sanity and then I end up with no time for me.  I’m learning the juggle still 12 years later because I’m also learning that it’s never the same and it’s always evolving with these little critters of mine.  Perfection can’t be achieved  here & I’m learning that also.

Into the last room where we find Things 1 & 2 in their shared room.

•”Not shabby just a quick pick up!” Impressive.

• “ROG is still home, I’ll put him in charge when he gets up to handle putting this house back to square one.”

Till tomorrow 😉✌🏻Peace out!

Hope you enjoyed my morning evaluation & we’ll see what the day brings.

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