Morning peeks & thoughts on a Sunday

It’s Sunday no alarm set. I can sleep in….

Until my eyes are wide open at 5:55 am.  Ok Danae might as well go do your thing take it as a good thing.

I do my usual round of critter checks and find the house peaceful, so I just let everyone sleep.

– Let that growing beast sleep.  lol

– I see the midnight ninja was up wandering again.. that melatonin seems to be losing it’s effect.

– Thing three is past out in the vast darkness of her room lol.  She’ll be up soon I know it. I love blackout curtains.

I enjoyed my coffee on the back patio. A storm ran through last night and this morning is beautiful. This is the “me time” I need to remember to take & keep for myself. These calm moments set me up for my day.

-picture to come ( I’m learning still) #gerickegeekery don’t know why it won’t load more media at the moment?

In the summer you really do have to be up early to get a break from the heat; then as the sun comes up you just tend to head inside and stay in doors unless you have to go out. You usually make sure you’re doing something in a pool or lake during summer.  We choose our pool most times but I wish we would go to the lake more often.  (On the to-do list)

School is starting in another week & we’re gonna be so busy.  For the first time I’m actually prepared for the school year. I think? I feel like I have covered all the necessities. The clothes, the school supplies & shoes thanks to G-ma & G-pa. Fun filled summers away & some sanity thanks to Grandma & Pappy Aunts & Uncles.  Registration, classes and lockers found.  Doctors appointments & behavior plans in the works. Since when did I turn into this thing that gets stuff done on time? Wow!   Oh yeah it’s the constant help of my tribe. 💜🙌🏻 We stick together.  I’m so thankful to be part of the craziness we’ve all managed to pull together.  It’s absolute madness at its best.  The critters have woke and it’s time to prepare for our final week of summer.  Wish me luck.

-To do list

• floors & bathrooms

•grocery shopping (wondering with what money lol)

•plan our calendar for the week & meals

follow up post tomorrow. We’ll see what I got done ✅

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