Tricky Dickie’s Tonics…. It Lives!!!!

I would have to say that taking my risk with forming Tricky Dickie’s Tonics, a couple years ago was a good one.

I even set it aside and handed it over to a trusted friend who just knew I was onto something.  He wouldn’t let it completely die out and I’m so happy he did.  It took me a little bit and some experiences along the way to decide if it really was something I was going to keep wanting to do. I’m sure you could understand why,  for a girl this is a sort of hard market to be part of.

I obviously don’t have a beard and I’m not a dude.  I’m the smallest thing most people have ever seen & I am absolutely bashful unless I have a few drinks in me.

  • Not a man
  • No beard
  • Bashful/shy
  • Not anything fun or sexy to look at
  • doesn’t do well with attention

You can clearly see why it seemed silly for me to be part of this.  Didn’t let it stop me though I gave it a try.  I let the worry of what others were thinking get to me unfortunately & I was trying to grab up whatever came my way but I realistically did not have a clear vision or idea of how well the products I was making would or could do. I got completely overwhelmed and just stopped.  Life happens ya know and so I set it aside & went on to my next endeavor.


First came the disappointment I heard from fans of the product, wives, and even my own family members who saw it’s potential when I told them I wasn’t making it any longer.  I felt guilty because they had taken time for my product and I gave up on them.  They loved the products I was making & the people who used the products were my testimonials, but I wasn’t good at selling it. Someone would ask why they needed it and as a girl, I couldn’t really relate to the guy. I could with their girls though.

I had spent time promoting to the wives & the girl friends of the bearded guy.  I knew these girls needed a beard on their guy that they could tolerate, because most girls do not have the same beard obsession that I do. (Plus I thought I would help the guys out with their fight for sexy laziness.) Even though I could get girls interested in the product for their guys I ultimately was missing my target audience/market.  I didn’t know how to solve this. My husband who the whole thing started around could not realistically take time off to go help me sell and promote product & I didn’t have money to pay anyone to help.  It needed to grow but I wasn’t ready or aware of how to do it. That just seemed to be it for me & Tricky Dickie’s Tonics.

Beards; for me are more than the current fad that a little girl “groupied” herself to.  I have watched with curiosity all my life how guys use and treat their faces and facial hair & hair compared to girls. Guys have it so much easier.  I watched my mom looking for ways to help my dad with the itchiness and straitening of his facial hair over the years, Then I married a man who has always looked amazing with facial hair. I swoon for his beard always. He likes to look good but hates all the fuss that comes with keeping it all up.

(Point- I make simple, get the job done, safe & fun products)

I’m a sensitive kid.. not only emotionally, but skin also. I am the bubble kid of my siblings.  I cannot tolerate being uncomfortable and in pain from skin irritations.  I was never able to find anything purchased from a store that helped me with the constant hives, rashes, eczema & allergic reactions I’ve dealt with.  Finally as an adult & curiosity got this kitty again when I decided to look at natural alternatives. First for myself then with the little critters as they have been growing & I have to keep up with endless skin questions as a mom.  A very slow process over the years but it’s now turned into a good portion ( not enough yet though) of my life making the simple changes.   The hardest part is switching the family & being strict, especially when money is tight.  The more I stick with natural though the better and easier it gets in the long run.  (Highly recommend! Keep at it if you’re making changes also!!)

Switching everyday items out slowly, with more natural ones led to Tricky Dickie’s Tonics as well.  I started by just taking a chance and blending up a small amount of oil I found from the craft store.  R.O.G loved it and then next came a friend and they encouraged it. So I goofed off on the computer one day & made D.I.Y printable business cards. ( super hokey… lmao ) & then eventually asked another friend to draw a logo.  A few weeks later I was on my super health kick yet again & walking around the produce section at the store when, I saw a magnificent beard and for a moment I had a burst of inspiration & I put my shaky confidence voice on and I introduced myself to Adrian. He would be the first person outside of my personal circle that I offered my product to.

Adrian has become my biggest fan, best critic, and super salesman!! I love the guy. (We joke that we need to get him a #1 salesman plaque) He’s been a warrior for me. He’s known the products since I started & he loved it, and then as they say word of mouth is your best referral. He’s Mr. Social Network & gets around. He saw I could make this work and always pushed me. listened to my shitty excuses and even took over when I thought I was done for a minute.  Tricky Dickie’s Tonics needs someone vibrant who knows the product well & can connect easily to others. Plus hes a good looking guy; even some of the fellas can’t resist.  A true big hearted geek under all those tattoos. A go-getter attitude and loves to be crazy unique.  Adrian is most likely why you may already know of Tricky Dickie’s Tonics.

Follow Adrian on Instagram @st.lycaon

Definitely a member of #mytribe.

As any good friend would;  my bestie Jenn has always made sure to use  & promote my products. She puts the product to the test as a cosmetologist.  She always has great ideas, knows the health concerns to look for & she absolutely loves her work. (Curiosity gets the best of this Kitty also) She is another version of me.  Jenn knows and understands the direction I am trying to achieve. She knows how to keep me on track and tell it to me strait.

( yes.. I use the term bestie, don’t judge me it makes her happy to hear it so I do things to make her happy also. (Lol even if it’s lame, shes my bestie lol)

I asked her recently if she would want to be more involved and bring a new level to Tricky Dickie’s Tonics.  I was lucky & absolutely thrilled when she was ecstatic to help. It was super re-assuring that this time it’s on!  Jenn will now be the official Tricky Dickie’s stylist.  She will help explain and show how to get the best use of your products that I make.  She will also be handling the care and cuts of #TrickyDickie’sBeardCrew members.  These are the Gents that join our beard club. The club membership will get you discounts on products, first to try products, invites to official Tricky Dickie events, beard & hair cuts/trims etc.   Jenn & I will be working on a pop-up barbershop to bring Tricky Dickie’s Tonics out to more people & places & have an exclusive place for the guys to keep their manes tame. We will also be working on the Tricky Kitties Potions for us gals!  I have 2 young lads, she’s got 1 getting ready for “the change” (cringe).  We want better for the little guys & it is also our mission to create safe products for our new little gents. Hair pomades, face washes & body bars that wont add more chemicals to our already sensitive kids. Fun products that teach & make him feel mature & confident as he grows up using trusted Tricky Dickies Tonics products like Dad.

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Next time: I’ll tell you how we ended up with the Tricky Dickie’s Tonics Name & Logo

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