The Chaos Critters wreak havok on the DM

As per everything I get involved in ya know, I jumped into this Dungeon Master role when I saw ROG struggle when he first was DM for the Critters awhile back.  I thought I could bring some helpful creative aspects to the game that would help the kids.  Not really knowing how to work together on something like this, resulted in me taking over the project because I’m Danae & I have to learn to take baby steps and ROG has a crazy schedule that makes it hard for him to be a regular DM.  (He didn’t seem to mind; I think he just wanted me to stop bugging him lol.)

So I went to town creating my own stories.

I knew I needed to

  • keep it simple
  • keep it short
  • keep them occupied

In Dungeons and Dragons You basically have free will to do what you want.  It’s a role playing game.

Kids have active imaginations so I figured this should be easy given I have one also.  It was a little confusing to them as we started that, they CAN pretend to be their characters. They made characters but, they’re so used to game board piece and online visuals, that they need some nudges in the right direction I learned. They know how to pretend but, an adult isn’t usually in on the pretend play.  So it was a little awkward for us to start.

I picked up on this immediately & noticed that I wasn’t prepared either.  I was not in the mindset of imagining with the kids. My focus this time was to get the game running and moving. For instance when it came time for me to play the role of Samual BrownBear I was too shy to find a voice to match what I imagined in my head he would sorta sound like. I did manage to get a sorta crackly deeper voice out to play the mysterious Krem. Who lurked from the back corner of the dining hall at Agatha Owls Tavern.  It’s a hard thing to do; to switch between story teller, actor/player & rule enforcer. Bravo to you awesome DM’s out there!!  I bow to thee lol.

It was awesome & sorta nerve wracking having both Dad’s of the critters, whom actually know how to play; oversee our first campaign.  I was so happy ROG was able to step in and help really direct us. I knew my story but, I really did not do enough homework on my rules.  I need to do memorization to become quicker with leading the critters with their actions.  I play better than I DM & I only play okay; because I still have the guys showing me how to play.  The main point though is to have fun with the Critters.  It’s a chance for 2 families to get together. With all the mistakes we make along the way were all gonna learn to play eventually.

( Baby Steps)

For now the kids are just happy to have time together and to goof off.  (The Snacks are always a big crowd pleaser also lol) Not always will it have to be D&D but we’re stoked and determined to play right now.

As any other good DM would tell you, that your first time as Dungeon Master will be a fail.  Somehow I had  forgotten all the dice… how the heck are they even supposed to play without their dice ? Oi

The kids started  listening to me tell the story and quickly went in a different direction than I thought.  This called for story line changes and switching some activities around.  That felt a bit frantic for me & I’m gonna have to get to be more flexible for sure.  LOL, I even forgot to make a crucial puzzle piece for the game.

Resulting in the loss of attention spans and time.   Panic set in and I shut down I had no idea which way to send the critters.

This is when ROG saved the day!  The critters started to test out their free will in the game when they were investigating in the garden and started a farting contest during their friends funeral.  Living up to their name The Chaos Critters.  This funny moment wouldn’t have been possible if ROG wasn’t there.  So witty.

Sitting back and letting ROG jump in when he saw I was floundering was hard but a sweet relief. The DM pressure was off,  haha!  I got to sit back finish what I needed and then I enjoyed why I pulled all this stuff together. The Critters started to make progress when he started to play also. He’s super silly with them and way better at explaining to them why they can or cannot do certain things in the game.  I have got to convince him that we need him to be a co-DM to work together to make this awesome for the kids.  Time to put our heads together.

(FYI- If you are clueless to what this game is; join the crew, lol.  Were a bunch of kids or kids at heart learning together)

Start to follow our live stream every other Thursday on Twitch.

Were going to be learning the game more in depth & you can learn along with us or give us some tips.  It’s all about showing the Critters the fun in creative writing & have them face to face playing a game, instead of faces to a screen.

I learned,  Its hard to let your clan/guild or party pick and chose what they want to do, especially when your story has a specific goal.  I am gonna have to really let go of the Mom role when we play D&D!  Just like in life; we have to let our little critters roam and learn that actions, have consequences.  ROG was great at showing BBQ the human Barbarian.  Teaching that, you cannot expect to walk up to a harpy and hit it without getting it in return.

Also if I had done more homework I would have known that having the kids fight off 6 harpies was a bad idea.  lesson learned.  I did sorta know that I needed level appropriate monsters but I forgot about how many I placed in the story making it far too difficult for the kids to get any good rolls to make any good attacks.

Writing small stories and quests for the kids, seems like it should be easy… NOPE!  I gotta find a new plan.  I started with a sorta traditional D&D approach with a smidge of back story and then let the critters explore their surroundings to give them an idea of what their players can do.  The girls were a little slow on the idea when it came to fighting and the boys just wanted to crush everything. That was a hard point for me as DM.  I needed a way to explain 1 situation to 3 age groups & 4 attention spans. (Teachers out there I bow to thee also!)

Above: is when we gave up on trying to explain to the critters and then started drawing cave drawings for them 😂

We ended the game on a ” To be Continued..” fight against 6 harpies.  One of which seems to have died from the T.’s Hideous laughter spell cast by half-ling,Wizard Cytryce.  Aragor, the half-ling bounty hunter was used as a hammer by BBQ in an attempt to go after the harpy.  Now the party seems to realize they are in some deep poo.  It’ll be up to Cytryce on her next move to see if she can start to pull her new acquaintances together and work as a team to finish off the harpies guarding the bridge at the river.

until next time ….

let me know what you’re curious about or if there are any topics you want me to talk more in depth on. Feed back is always appreciated!



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