September Begins

That whole menu planning thing I always start and stop…

Since my last post I have not kept at menu planning but we have been making slight differences. For the girl who loves instant gratification.. waiting for the whole family to get on board with anything is mind scrambling and is why I lose interest so often.

I gave in again but, I decided that I wasn’t going to eat like them.  I never want to eat what anyone else wants either  so I got selfish. (yes again.. oh no!)  I decided, I can be a pain in the ass like my Critters. So I said “I’m eating (this) tonight if you want some, that’s fine or make your own food.  Yes I let the Critters fend for themselves and I felt no guilt.  We had a house full of food I knew they would find something. I knew what I was buying at the store wasnt going to kill them and I approved of everything put into the grocery cart.  I let my care down for what they ate most of the summer.  Mom ate her Vegetarian and Vegan stuff and they ate a lot of waffles.  So did I growing up lol leggo my eggo!

My Critters are always really into wanting to part of the cooking process. So individually they would get to create their own dinners and portions. Sometime they were lazy and ate along with mom #momwin  sometimes the kitchen was obliterated by a food bomb but when I chilled out they did.  (Duh Danae!)  When I let that guard down it was so much easier for me to eat the way I naturally want.  I don’t feel bad for making my choices of veggies over meats. I would be so proud of my kids if they did that. There were those times that they did eat with me and they loved it so now we have a few meals that are completely vegan that we eat through the week.  They ask why I like certain things better or not and I explain. My body feels more satisfied with my plant based foods than it does when I eat meats. My alcohol consumption goes down, my weight has gone down, I’m not sick all the time with an upset stomach, which overall improves my mood. I have enough crap going on in this head of mine to be bogged down with crap in my guts.

Even as a kid when I started to ask and learn where my food was coming from I would stop eating certain things.  My mind has never liked the idea of eating a person or dog or pet why would I eat another animal. Society tells us what to eat.  My parents just went along with it.  When I wouldn’t eat, I would get guilt-ed into eating. “Because people in other countries were starving ya know?”  That idea made me feel terrible for them, so I would naturally respond “send it to them then if they need food”.  That sounds like a rational idea to a 4 year old but, I can see how to an adult that’s sort of a smart ass comment also.  It is the truth though, why don’t we practice what we preach.  That idea of sending food to others was compassion for others, that was turned around to be an unrealistic childish thought.  I would say my compassion to help others & beings showed even then.  This being said I am comfortable to keep on a heavy plant based diet for good. #selfishwin   #ifyoumakeittheywilleatit #plantbasednourishmentprovidesforall

Now that school has started we seem to just really lack in the lunch area. The Critters and I go back and forth on what they want in their lunches & I’m beginning to think it’s time for mom to chill in this area also.  So far I make them put their lunches together.  If I have to do it they are going to get what they call a “boring a lunch” So pretty much, I am still buying all the stuff I approve of and they get to make their selections.  The next hurdle is figuring how much food to keep in the house with growing kids.  I wish I had Sysco for home lol.

(I would like to point out again, that I lived on waffles most of my youth lol so maybe waffles are just the answer?!  Leggo my Eggo.)

We’ll see what September brings our way and I’ll keep you posted.  Maybe it’s time to see what projects this Sweet Siren can get into.  The Hubby has his 35th birthday this month how about I start there!


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