Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

September flew by & now October ends. I felt a little like I spun my wheels through the month, but that isn’t true at all.  I was doing so much more than I’ve done in while. I’m focusing in on my business more, traveling outside my bubble a bit & finally taking in some scenery that has been right in front of me all along.  I’m like totally focusing my chi dude!

The weather here in Havasu is beginning to absolutely be amazing, now that you can walk outside and not melt alive. Which means the town livens  up and the locals come out to enjoy the city before the snow birds travel in for the winter.   The last two fall seasons I was working at the wine bar & didn’t get to get out much so were fixing that this year.  Goodbye Summer Hello Fall!

Through the month, internally Iv’e been battling it out with my inner critic/ authentic self.  I hate the thought of some one thinking to themselves “oh great here she goes again..” or, the thought that another project of mine is gonna get dumped in the corner again so I can cater to something else.  I hate that thought, now that I’ve identified it. I told myself I didn’t want it that way anymore, So I carved some extra time in randomly & creatively, also learning to separate myself in areas.  Lots of trial & error but, it’s pretty cool because now I’m watching something blossom, that I’ve been patient for and stood back quietly for. Practice makes progress not perfect.  I’m always going to have my inner critic screaming in the back but I’m learning to tell her to shut up faster so I can get some work done!

Once I started getting my mind back on my work I started to do more. You have to be seen in your business to help yourself thrive and I’m learning to not let my anxiety keep me home. (I do think it’s perfectly fine to take time to yourself also though, otherwise you’ll become someone you’re not.) Finding balance.  Finding trust in yourself.

Time is another story.  There is just not enough time in our days for me to geek out on my home apothecary. I’m literally just one person, learning how to market myself, make my products, run/create my blog/online store. (still in the beginning stages) It’s more work than you ever would have thought, let me tell you that.  I am totally in the thick of #momprenuerlife.

So, I let my worry of a mess go one day and I ended up with some hair mud for the critter to try out and now we have, The Chief, Hair Mud.  No more buying hair product from the store for this kid & now the fella’s have a new hair product.

My mini mermaid wanted to play in the warm tub since the pool is a bit cool now so I made her a bath bomb to add some fun.  Now I’m getting ready to release my line of masculine shower/ bath bombs just in time for the holidays.  Had some work done on a 12 year old tattoo to bring her back to life and now I’m producing a tattoo after-care mist.  Calming my thoughts and making that time for me actually got me further. I focused on us.

I’m noticing more net-workable connections and the more I talk with other small business owners & creatives, lately I get even more inspired.

This is, as I am learning a really fun time to be creating a business and also to be utilizing the web along with my everyday life. It’s not anything like it would have been if I had gone out 10 years ago. I would have failed miserably (who’s to say I’m not failing right now, but I don’t think that’s really true.) Patience. It’s just the right time to get in the game. Learning to let myself take a few more risks and let it fly.

I have been loving watching friends lately also coming out of their shells and making time for some creative hobbies and then turning those into their side hustles. It’s bitchen!  But, most of all I’ve been seeing how my husband is getting infected with my inner creative. A present for his birthday from his parents & that dude lit up like a firecracker!

  All the sudden he started working along side me and I have been enjoying him jumping into the business mix more. It is named after the man after all. (Those pushing to make some income with a side hustle would also agree, it’s about the balance and keeping yourself together also.  Or maybe they feel just as scramble headed as I do?! Month by month and blog by blog it comes along.

So while I keep myself together on the outside and fight off the the frenzy inside, I focus in more on my critters also. These little beasts are why I need a healthy organized mind.  So, October was perfect for that!

R.O.G. went for trip with his Pa & another life long Gericke friend Joe, to the Lone Pine Film Festival near Bishop, CA. If you’re asking yourself W.T.F is that? It’s basically Western Con for all the old farts that grew up on westerns.

Plus they show you current stuff that involves the area and movies that were made around there. John Wayne & Roy Rogers impersonators, old silent films, film panels, and meet & greets. The guys have fun. They go every October and it’s super adorable.

While the boys played cowboys the critters & I got to travel out to stay with G-ma & get ready for a wedding I was baking the cake for. To pass some time we took a hike along part of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) that goes through Wright wood, Ca.

I literally grew up on the other side of that mountain a 10 minute drive. I was upset I had never gotten to experience it before then, I loved it!  My three Critters and the Z Critter met up with our life long friend Katie and a couple of the other ladies from the “back home pack” for an afternoon quickie hike & Katie got some awesome pictures of the critters also.

You can follow Katie’s photography on Instagram

  That little hike inspired Critter #1 & his Grandpa to go out the next day for another hike up Mount Baden Powell. They did amazing and they just barely made it back in time to take the cake I had made to our friends wedding.

Click the picture of the cake above to see a video that my sister-in law made for our friends Jeremy and Laura Book. You can spot my cake in the video along with the Critters, R.O.G., I.

You can subscribe to Hands Cold Films & follow more of Jen Gericke’s videos on You-tube. (Click the picture below to take you directly to the link.)


later in the month Katie and her Fiance Justin, came out to visit the family and we wanted them to explore our area with us. We managed to get the whole family out for an incredible afternoon and night hike through the trails of our local Sara Park. I didn’t think we would make it all the way back through to the lake but, we did!


We got to explore one of the many coves throughout our lake and the crazies of the group… cough, cough.. Justin, Katie & Critter #1 did some cliff jumping. Critter #1 learned he doesn’t like to hike in wet chones lol!   Katie moved us along & I was so proud of my little tribe.  All, so Mama could have her family Lake pictures.


  The kids enjoyed the open night sky and stars & got to see the Milky Way with their own eyes with the thrill of  “we may get lost in the dark on the way back”.

We didn’t; because not only did we have R.O.G to fight off the long horn sheep we saw along the way, we had Justin, to guide the way safely. Justin is an experienced hiker along with Katie so  we were in super safe hands.  The entire hike I kept thinking what an awesome experience here in my Havasu bubble.

(looking for a hiking guide? Let me get you in touch.)

I was really happy that day that my whole family and some of my very best friends were all enjoying an adventure together. The Critters were so tired by the end of the day but they all agreed, we had a blast together.  Lots of water and Pizza and a few beers when we got back. Memories were made.

Side Note: We realized that R.O.G is a bigger helicopter dad than we thought. lol. Awe our big tough Daddy O’ does care.

The 40th annual Run to the Sun event, made Havasu a pit stop again this year and brought an even bigger crowd than the last . The Critters liked all the old cars, rat rods, and ghost flame painted cars while Mom got to try out her Instagram Livestream for the first time. Critter #1 had to teach me how lol.

Not only did we get to have a few adventures outside of Havavsu, we got to jump down the rabbit hole and join the Mad hatter to celebrate Critter #3’s 9th Very Merry Un Birthday.

Cause were all a little mad here in this house & who wants to live in a boring world?  The Critters & friends decorated masks and ate a ton of candy along with decorating their own cupcakes.

They had a mini dance party DJ’ed by Critter #1 and they ran in circles around the house. I’m sure the neighbors were thrilled. Sometimes you have to let them be free.  I may or may not still be cleaning up from that day lol.

A few last trips to the Channel for some fun in the water before the lake cools off and we finally tried paddle boarding! It was way easier than I thought & I need to stop being a sourpuss. Critter #3 became a pro paddle boarder within the hour & we could hardly pull her from the water.

With all the fun we had been having through the last couple months we were caught by surprise when it was report card time. Turns out all this family stuff has been paying off.  All three of our critters came home with Honor Roll, Perfect attendance & No tardies a complete turn around for us from just last year.


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  1. Katie October 31, 2017 at 4:18 am - Reply

    Aww I love this. Thanks for the shout out. I’m so happy we were all able to spend some quality time together. Love you and your tribe 😘

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