Smith’s Grocery Store Delivers

Say what?!

Yes, you read that correctly. I cannot believe that I in my lifetime can have Groceries delivered to my home with my Smith’s App/Card.  I hate the grocery store. So this just became my dream come true & I know it is every mother’s dream come true also!

I’m the stay at home mom and the last thing I want to do is the shopping. I know I’m so strange right?!  So someone else gets to shop and fight the crowds for me while I catch up on some chores, start a Netflix series, or have an agenda filled day.

Some days there is just no more my brain can handle by going to the store.

Let someone else handle your shopping list & go pick it up easily from the Smith’s parking for online orders only. Have a nice Smith’s teammate bring your groceries to your car and load them.  Sign me up right!?

Don’t worry about unbuckling the kids from car seats your groceries come right to you.  kids sports practices you cant get out of but need to get some extras to hold you over. Order up!

Get on your app, make your list, set your pick up time, confirm & purchase your order.  Don’t forget to add your bottle of wine or other age-restricted items also that can be delivered to your car. (Age restrict items Not available with delivery service)

On those hot melting A.Z. summer days, this is going to be amazing.

On the days your sick & you cant get dressed but need some extras because you’re the only person around to help you. Use this app!

This is great for single parents & any parent. This is useful for anyone traveling to our Lake Havasu resort town and needs to get groceries to restock.  Helps to keep fewer drivers off the road also.  For those who are homebound for any reason, this delivery service is perfect for you.  Only a few dollars extra added as a convenience fee and most times; I think I can plan enough ahead to not mind spending those couple extra bucks cause, I’m getting my time back in other ways.  Your first 3 Click List orders are free to try it out!!

Let me just give a little idea of the awesomeness of being able to order your groceries from your local supermarket. It’s a new trend and the kinks of business are still being worked out but in the long run, I can say that this experience has made me want to buy groceries now more than ever in my life.  Right now, our local Havasu City Smith’s runs into delays because the people interested in using Click List are outnumbering those they have to currently work the demand.  Also if you can plan a bit ahead I’m positive this issue will get worked out as more people see how useful it is and they could even make few bucks themsleves.

For the kid that technology loves to hate this is the most useful app, I have found; since my Domino’s Pizza app. That allows me to never have to awkwardly speak to another human over the phone and awkwardly make small talk while I order my all veggie loaded pizza. 

I may or may not have a pizza addiction!

Groceries, on the other hand, I have to say you really can not go wrong with ordering groceries too much, or can you? With the Smith’s app, you make a grocery list through their securely linked affiliate “Click List”.

You can find anything that you would see in the grocery store. If the particular item is out you can decide beforehand if you want them to pick the next available or to not purchase that item, with the click of a checked box in each corner. (useful!)

For the person who loves to be home this may make that worse, but for those that are running around with their heads cut off like I do. Shopping with this app helps me to organize, multi-task & save money potentially on gas, food & impulse buys.

It links up to my recent past purchases that have been recorded everytime I hand over my Smith’s card.  That little bag of candy I tossed in the cart last minute but ate before anyone knew about. It’s there on the list and now every time I look back at past purchases I have to be faced with my selfish indulgence. (lmao not so useful but more useful than not.)

Make sure to have your Smith’s Rewards card properly set up beforehand to start using the Smith & Click List app, because we had our Smith’s card information set up and current, it made the first checkout time a bit faster. Also, don’t forget when you areupdating your profile to opt in to donate to your local school.  A portion of the proceeds of our purchases goes to my Critter’s elementary school.  The process slowed down for us when the system didn’t want to accept our credit card? Funds were there, the card is accepted at all merchants & we tried several times to get the order to complete. We ended up actually screwing up my shopping list trying to figure this problem out.  *The first lesson learned was to not make your shopping list on the Smith’s app directly unless you are going to personally shop in the store and check off/scan your items. You have to use the Click list button and make your shopping list through there.  We gave up then tried again the next morning and it seemed to have worked out its issues and finally let us purchase our groceries.

Not only was I impressed with my end and overall experience I quickly thought to myself I can totally do this as another side hustle.  This is great for anyone. It’s sorta like Uber but picking up groceries and dropping them off.

Easy peasy. My delivery driver Katie, was freaking adorable as heck and so helpful. I felt so free asking her all about this new thing I just discovered.  Mom’s need help.  This helps! Mom’s need extra money also, maybe this might be the ticket for you?

She explained to me also that never accept anything from a car that is not flagged with the black & yellow pigeon. The drivers bringing your loot are known as Pigeon Ship.  Each teammate that is rightfully working for Smith’s/Pigeon Ship, can be easily identified and trusted as an employee. She made the whole question of “Who is coming to my home?” feel safe and secure. She explained that each driver just shows up to the market for their grocery order to be delivered to her car & she didn’t even have to load them. Smith’s allows the driver to decide how much they would like to help once the order is taken to the home. If the driver feels uncomfortable at all they are allowed to make their decision on how much to help the customer. Some may choose to help bring your groceries in and others may alert you that they are currently in your driveway and to meet.  Our delivery driver Katie had an extra cooler and bin in the back of her SUV and so was so helpful and sweet with the kid critters along with our dog critters.

Click the picture below to go apply for an e-commerce job through Smith’s & Click List.

Lake Havasu Smith’s is currently looking for more e-commerce employees.

This is the link to become a pigeon driver if that’s more your style.

(I just want to remind you that at this point in my blogging, never have I ever done a review for money or because anyone asked or cared. I just want to tell you all my opinion here. )

I know several stay at home Moms and Dads who can totally do this for some extra cash cause people like me are gonna keep you in business!

When we work together everything gets better! (I’m singing)

Hope I entertained you with my review of my recent discovery!



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