Movember Awareness

Movember, Movember, Remember Men’s Health in November.

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Tricky Dickie’s Tonics has been raising funds ever so slightly through the month of November so far.

That means someone is listening and this is why we get involved. To spread the awareness.


I made the $200 fundraising goal in honor of Tricky Dickies second year with So far we are at $55 raised by Tricky Dickies Beard Crew Members. I really hope that we can make a better mark by the end of the month.  Tricky Dickie’s Tonics is offering a free early Xmas present to the first 3 people to donate $25.00 or more to our fundraising team at the Movember site.

Tricky Dickies Tonics

I personally donated as Mrs. Tricky Dickie on behalf of Tricky Dickie’s Tonics & when I did I was able to leave a little note.

movember update

Everything this mama does is for my boys & hubs.  I not only care about the health of their skin & hair but the whole person, who woulda thought!?  Having birthed 2 of the biggest mysteries of my life and if, I as a female can teach 2 little boys how to pee both sitting & standing; I think you fellas should be able to talk about your overall health a bit more? I know I’m such a Mom!

Thus far, I can tell you that the persons/boys that we are raising are always first gentle and kind.  Rambunctious, adventurous, shits? Yes, they can be! Doesn’t change that I’ve felt that heartbeat from the start & it is heartbreaking to watch your little boys toughen up the way society wants him & I believe that health for men starts with teaching young men to care for themselves; mentally, physically, nutritionally & to teach them that the thump-thump in their chest is more than an organ to keep the blood flowing. Stay in touch with the emotion of your heart as well. It helps to keep in touch with emotion; that inner person or spirit whatever you want to call it.  Your emotions and feelings are just as valid to take care of as well as your mental, physical & nutritional balances. I refuse to let my critters ever think they’re not enough.

To practice courage, compassion and connection is to look at life and the people around us and say “I’m all in.”  – Brene Brown

Share my link & blog post today to help raise awareness for Men’s Health this Movember.





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