Did you know I decorate cakes?

 danaes cakes danaes cakes danaes cakes

Did you know I decorate cakes? Maybe you do and you’ve seen the countless little works of art from my kitchen. Maybe you’re just getting to know me?  Well, It is true I have an infinite love for decorating cakes.  Just something that sorta comes easily for me. Let me give you a little backstory…

So after son #2 was born I took some Wilton classes to pass some time and hone in on some skills.  I’ve pretty much been a cake decorating fool since.  Starting with my own little home based & by word of mouth cake business back in our hometown in Southern Ca.  After a snowboarding accident shattered my wrist I had to call it quits for a few years on the cakes. 2 surgeries a move to Lake Havasu and lots of time to get my hand sorta working again & I’m starting to add projects back to my agenda.

Danaes cakes  danaes cakes

I love these little creatures I made a few years back.

 danaes cakes 

I finally have the time to dedicate to the cakes without frustration from kiddos at my feet with them finally all in school.

Danaes Cakes Danaes cakes danaes cakes

I love a new project all the time. It’s just what I do.  I love browsing Pinterest for hours and then pulling ideas together to create a fun replica or one of kind cake. I have a ton of cake decorating supplies but when we moved I had to get rid of a lot. Even when I did have a lot of extra tools I was always finding something off the grid to use as an additional tool or when I didn’t have the money for a new tool, I got super creative and made my own.

danaes cakes   Danaes Cakes Danaes cakes Danaes Cakes

Sometimes I can get too giddy with excitement and take on some giant risks for myself as far as cake decorating.  I never had another person ever around to help me makes these cakes & sometimes I would be so stuck with the frustration I would finally call the hubs in for another perspective or he would have to run in to help hold something while I was piping another thing on. Countless trips to & from the store for little things I forgot or another bag of powdered sugar.  Powdered sugar covered me and kitchen.  Always way too hard on myself but looking back even I can’t believe some of the cool things I made, even when I was upset about a cake. All had their little flaws & great points but for each cake I made I hade never made the same thing twice. So far I’m still a beginner each time I make a cake, I just get crafty with what I have in front of me to create some WOW & JOY.

Danaes cakes Danaes cakes Danaes cakes

Danaes cakes Danaes cakes Danaes cakes





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