D is for Danae, not defeat.

I’m  feeling defeated. yet again. I keep letting the perfectionist out and thinking this was gonna take off a lot better than it has. I wasn’t expecting much but I thought I would be doing better by this point. Just shy of a year and barely shy of 20 posts It looks like I haven’t done much but I have lol. Anyone else who has begun this blogging journey knows the trials and errors of their first year. I keep doing my research and scouring Pinterest for ideas and to see what worked for others. I spent this last year staring at my screen, for the most part, trying to figure it all out on my own.

Every time I finally asked for help it was fixed within minutes which got annoying & you would think that I would get over my pride and just ask more often?  My lack of tech knowledge is sad but improving. I have to say I’m pretty stoked when I randomly say something geeky and techy and I actually know what I or another is talking about!  I literally jumped for joy when I figured out how to link a picture to another site address.  Simple Mind Simple Pleasures.

I have spent this entire year trying to figure out who I am to share with you. I really didn’t intend on this being a soul-searching journey but it sorta does turn into that when you want to blog about your life. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to put out there? Then I felt like it was too much or then, none at all.  All the while I still sat most days with my laptop open and looking for constant inspiration and information.


Starting a blog is more than spilling the beans of your daily life.  There is a massive amount of authenticity that comes with branding & blogging, you don’t just make stuff and put it out there to buy.

People buy you; make what they buy worthwhile.  So not only have I made a product I want to sell, I have to make you believe in my product & myself through this screen I’m working on.

I have to virtually interact and hopefully connect with you to maybe be interested in my product enough to click the link to my site, and also take the time to purchase and possibly read some of my other content.

That is asking a lot of someone when you think about it. They have plenty of other content to scroll through. So a “like” or a “share” is a very big deal to me and I get giddy everytime someone interacts because I connected with that person for the moment & it was genuine from my end at least. These are just a couple of little things I run into daily while, I am managing my marketing, production, supplies, sales, web content, etc. I do the work and it takes a lot of time.

I have had to go back with my tail between my legs a few times to the ever so sweet Kaela Mitchell to help put my blog back together and change things I just couldn’t ever get to work.  She’s amazing when she takes over my screen and waves her magic tech fairy wand to magically put my mess back together.

If you are looking to start a website/blog/social media platform; Kaela knows the tech & shes got my personal approval. She even offers to run your business site for you if you just are not interested in the day to day of website up-keep.  You can see more of her content at www.kaeladesign.com & get in touch with her.


Click picture to take you to the website.

I have been reading a lot about connecting with online groups for more blogging inspiration. So I have been checking some FB groups & Instagram follow groups (I don’t know if I like or not yet?)

My shyness still doesn’t help me even online. I want people to “organically” follow me yet, I hate being annoying with constant posts.  I also am not sure if I want to dip my toe into the waters of paid advertising through blogging. There are so many ways this could take me and maybe you’re starting to see why I have a hard time settling. All these people that I read post after post about all say to suck it up and put it out there because the real truth of the matter is that I chose to spend money on a future of mine and I have to start getting some return.

Not like going college and degree type of return but I want to bring some money into the house while I am raising the kids.  It’s all about the side hustle because we all need that extra bit of cash.  So yeah I feel defeated when I have worked all year on a project literally have been finding my inner self along the way and when I launch anything it’s not getting the response I was hoping for.


FUCK! It’s rough & defeating you never really know what the reason is so it’s onto the next idea. Somedays, I wish I had gone to school for marketing but for now, I learn on my own.

“In addition to the fear of disappointing people or pushing them away with our stories, we’re also afraid that if we tell our stories, the weight of a single experience will collapse upon us. There is real fear that we can be buried or defined by an experience that in reality, is only a sliver of we are.” Brene Brown

I have changed my content categories several times trying to figure out my blogging place.  All those other blogger “know it alls” say this is normal, but for me, it was defeating as I tried subject after subject to write about to not have much interest after I had spent a week or more on a post, to just delete it. It wasn’t until recently that there has been a shift.  I basically said fuck it. I bake/decorate, I have kids and I have my husband with a beard that I cannot get enough of.  It’s gonna be this for now cause that’s just it; like I’ve said & pointed out before it’s just who I am. For the moment.  Keeping content relevant and appealing is a daily job.

I have basically learned to start branding myself because that is who I know best.  Finding editing apps and programs taking more pictures than you can even imagine just to use 1 or 2.  Having entire blog posts go missing and trying to keep a train of thought when the fam bam is around. Sometimes I want to drown my sorrows in a margarita.

The bright side to some of my woes though in the end has always been that it’s led me to a new experience or adventure. What is wrong with any of that? I seriously need to stop being so hard on myself and let it flow more.  #anxietyproblems

I love the idea of being so many things, it means you’ve experienced something! Why limit yourself?  When the critters ask me “Mama, what do you think I should be when I grow up? I love telling them they can be as many things as they want in their lifetime. Right now I am Mrs. Tricky Dickie making honest and natural products for my husband’s beard and many many more,  I am (one) of many Havasu Rail Wives that live this lifestyle of chaos & Critters that fill our days.  This world of blogging is how I get to fit so many of me in one place.  The internet is amazing, isn’t it?!

When I am home and fulfilling these tasks there isn’t anything that brings me more joy than these things right now so today this is who I am, the imperfectionist way. A.K.A The Danae Way.  Even though I feel defeated at times I haven’t been yet.

That’s it for the moment & I hope you’ll subscribe to be part of my tribes days here in Havasu.



  1. Mary Nicole Galbraith November 30, 2017 at 3:54 pm - Reply

    Girl, I feel you so much in the post! I’ve had a lot of similar issues and it can be so hard, especially when you have perfectionist leanings!

    • Danae Gericke December 2, 2017 at 4:08 pm - Reply

      So frustrating at the moment but worth working through!

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