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Presenting Imperfection at it’s finest!  Hi, I’m Danae!

Born Valentines day 1984 & the world has never been the same.

Mom, Mama, Ma, Wife, Babe, Ms. D, Nea Nea to a few, but to most just Danae!

Danae Jackman till January 8th 2005 when I whole heartedly and very sick with a little bun in the oven married ROG.  A shot gun wedding & I took my lovey’s name in tradition.  3 babies, railroad life, 4 states, lots of pets & now 12 miraculous married years later I’m still Danae Gericke. 12 years later this is no traditional family & just like you; were figuring it out each new day.

As per the usual blog I let you into my day to day stuff, hobbies, kidlet chaos & lots of mom/parenting stuff cause that’s what I know.  On the other hand you’re gonna get to be part of.. ( Next Level Danae!) Where I take my uneducated rear-end back to school.

Also to start an interest of mine; to learn about other ladies such as you and I, out there doing their imperfect thing also.  I want to show these girls who inspire me in little ways off!   Maybe you’ll find me asking you one day to show off your imperfectionist.

But, “What is an imperfectionist & why all this?”

Well… I’m sure it’s just this part of you like our inner drive or voice even if you will… You may know this side of you already or maybe you’ll soon meet it.   Point is I found it!   Realizing this after being diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression by our family doctor & some soul-searching along the way.  I realized I was extremely tired not only from the start of medication but, just with the way I had been living there was no time to smile even with all these wonderful things to smile about. I started with a leap as per the “Danae” way (imperfectionist -way) & I decided to take time back for me. I took my time back first by quitting the job I loved so dearly & had finally got me back out of the house, to turn right back around to be back home with the kids. Also to get away from a very toxic managing system.  That in itself was a hurdle to overcome. I have no shame for taking myself out of that. It’s been a great learning experience & I’m learning to cope with a lot and simply chill.  Back to What’s an imperfectionist?…   I had to give myself a label and out came imperfectionist; The thought of the word just seems to sum up every bit of me & my world. Imperfections are what make things special, because until it’s a bit flawed you never realized how important and perfect it all was in the first place.  It’s really about picking your battles but standing firm for YOU always. An imperfectionist isn’t afraid to admit when she’s wrong or when shes just had enough.  She stands her ground.  She allows herself to make mistakes & pick herself up again.

She allows every next level of herself to demand a new her.