Having 3 critters means there are lots of opportunities for cakes. So after Critter #2 was born I took some classes then started teaching myself. 10 years later & lots more cakes than I even have pictured yet, I’m ready to decorate for Havasu this time around.  Got a fun decorating idea get in touch! I invite you into my kitchen to learn or just watch alongside as I start to create cakes & goodies for friends & families around Lake Havasu.  Baking with the critters & offering classes or hosted decorating parties.   Let this Siren lure you to the sweets.  You can follow me also @sweetsirensbaking on Facebooksweet siren

Dickie’s Cupcakes


When your husband asks for dick cupcakes you make dick cupcakes Tonight is the football draft.. blah... boring... but not so much when you show up with cupcakes topped with tiny penises.  If you know

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just the beginning.


Focus is something I hardly grasp onto as my brain shoots from one impulse to the next because one idea can ..... as you can see; lead off onto another tangent. I have absolutely no

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; because It’s who I am.


If you know me then this is not an unusual thing for you to see out of me cause it is what I do.. I like to explore and go full force into it.  I've

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