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Havasu Rail Wife Life

Family life for us is rail life.   Here in Havasu, there is a handful of us and it’s important to keep a connection.  There aren’t too many others who understand that when we say, our husband is “laid off “that he’s just on his “day off”.   An ever-evolving schedule & hotel points wrack up the stress of being apart.  We all have our own daily agendas and lives but the one thing that binds us is our husbands.  We can confide and laugh and support each other with this common factor.  Thankfully we live in our own little Paradise we call Havasu.  Where we have so many opportunities to get our busy families out and together.  Follow this Havasu Rail Wife as she takes on Havasu one imperfect adventure at a time.  As a mompreneur I bring; Tricky Dickie’s Tonics as Havasu’s Official Beard Co. & my work in progress One Imperfectionist Cakery. As a Mom I get to be involved in all sorts of youthful action in town & as a wife I can enjoy my evenings out or in with the hubby.  It’s truly a Havasu Rail Wife’s life.