Tricky Dickie’s Beard Oil


Tricky Dickie’s Oils now come with, easy travel & less mess spray caps

1 oz.

Skin and whisker loving Almond, Jojoba & vitamin E oils, blended with essential oils to nourish

& keep your beard healthy & clean without a sticky looking sheen.

Shipping always built into our pricing!


Oils are chosen for HIS face and beard.  To promote healthy growth from the skin out through his whiskers.  Just because you cant always see his skin below, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need as much care as yours & sometimes our guys like to grow a beard to hide scarring/acne blemishes. Sometimes they’re just sexier with it & sometimes they just don’t care.  Whichever it is Tricky Dickie’s Beard oil is for you.

Nourishing, healing and promoting healthy cellular growth with a healthy dose of Vitamin E in each bottle of Tricky Dickie’s Beard Oil.

Jojoba oil added as a deep conditioner to smooth course hairs and promote the growth of new softer whiskers. Relaxed whiskers and follicles mean an easier, safer and closer shave for you. Less irritation when growing out your beard whether it’s the first time or it’s been awhile.

 tricky dickies beard oil

Maintaining the health of your beard is just as important as the hair on your head.  Tricky Dickie’s Beard Oil has it’s own natural antiseptic & cleansing elements provided through the blends of essential oils I create for each scent.

You also won’t have to worry about Sticky when using Tricky Dickie’s Beard Oil. Light sustainable oils are always used to give & maintain a natural healthy sheen to your beard. When applied to your beard and jawline you can be sure that you’re protecting your beard & face from harsh environmental elements around you through the day.

Use with Tricky Dickie’s Beard Bar for further daily cleansing & grooming.



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