Tricky Dickie’s Tonics 2017-11-30T15:10:49+00:00

I just decided one day I was gonna make something for his beard and now we have Tricky Dickie’s Tonics.

I started making a few blends of oils and soaps to pass some time when the critters were all in school and now we have a full following of bearded fellas and their ladies that love the products I make by hand and from home.

What was gonna be a little hobby has now taken over this family and were all loving & using the natural blends that I handcrafted to fit the needs all my Gericke Tribe.  Starting with my husband’s beard and sensitive skin then the boys started using the tonics also as they have been turning into little men before us.  I would never let us girls get left out so I made us ladies soothing bath/shower goodies.

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